2016.12.02 Lynnbros Industrial Passed ISO22000
2012.08.31 Xtend 11 Introduction
2010.11.10 As an agent of Meiji, Lynnbros imports a series of disinfection products which enable your farming environment to get improved and reach the best efficiency
2010.10.25 Taiwan FDA announcement: Three types of skin-whitening ingredients will be now regulated under the category of general cosmetics.
2010.07.26 Lynnbros can provide the most comprehensive solutions to against heating problems
2010.05.25 Taiwan FDA announcement: The amendment of 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid content regulation in cosmetics products
2010.03.26 Taiwan FDA announcement: The establishment of Allantoin under the regulation of "The Standard of Cosmetics Containing Medical or Toxic Pharmaceuticals”
2010.03.12 Whey products in ice creamand frozen dairy desserts.
2010.03.09 Green Products Lead the Trend
2009.08.21 Fried Starch food (French Fries), A Cancer Suspect?
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