Fried Starch food (French Fries), A Cancer Suspect?
Potato chips, French fries and so many other snacks are tasty and irresistible. However, as far as health concern, they are not lovely at all. High calories and High fat contents result in cancer.
Researches confirm Acrylamide is a main character developing cancer cells. Since April 2002, Swedish scientists had discovered High percentage of Acrylamide in deep-fried foods. It had been testified after high temperature cooking, several components of oil transform and acrylamide occurs. The acrylamide content is much higher than regulated in drinking water.
Nowadays, fast food chain stores are everywhere. Half of potato harvested goes through food processing procedure and became delicious French fries stimulating our appetite. Proximately 150 tons of potato used in McDonalds per year. In this circumstance, taking closer look at our cooking oil is one of the most important topic in food industry.

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