Whey products in ice creamand frozen dairy desserts.
Whey powder was the first whey product formulation added to ice cream and its popularity was associated with its cost benefits when compared to other sources of milk-solids-non-fat(MSNF). Nowadays, the functional properties of the proteins in whey protein concentrates(WPC) and whey protein isolates(WPI) also justify their use in mix formulas.
The U.S. whey products most often used in ice cream and frozen dairy desserts include:
 Sweet Whey
 Reduced Lactose Whey
 Demineralized Whey
 Acid Whey (acid flavored sherbet, sorbet only)
 Whey Protein concentrate (WPC with protein levels ranging from 34%~89%)
 Whey Protein Isolate (WPI>90% protein)
 Other customized products and ready-to-use blends
Composition of any given whey ingredient can vary based on the supplier, the type of cheese from which it was created and the purification process. Even so, it is relatively easy to reinforce the taste with a few key formulation guidelines by formulating whey products into ice cream and frozen dairy desserts.
Reference: Dr. Steven Young, ph.D
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